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Clara Hurtado Lee 7 by Emily Drew


Singing is a prominent driving force in my life.  I am called to sing.  Singing brings me joy because it allows me to express myself and create while bringing joy and light to others.  It is meaningful work and I am so grateful for all the ways I have been involved with it throughout my life... It began with choral music.  Eventually I dove into musical theater.  In college I majored in music and began my deep dive into opera, art song, and concert repertoire.  After 20+ years of professional experience as a classical singer I have made a leap into classical crossover music and creating audio and video recordings of my songs.  

Please read the exciting behind the scenes story of my debut EP below. Thank you so much for supporting me and taking an interest in my art.

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My Story

Over the past year I created and self-funded my debut EP album, SACRED GEOMETRY.  It has been a labor of love to craft 5 tracks--each with its own story, flavor, and vibe.  I had some incredible artists with whom to collaborate.  


My producer/arranger/mentor through this process was multi-platinum songwriter, composer and pianist Leo Z.  Renowned and accomplished musicians Jenny Oaks Baker, Nathan Pacheco, and Nicole Pinnell each contributed their incredible musicality and skills creating synergy and beauty that surpassed my expectations.  

As each song was released onto digital platforms I created 3 music videos.  For two of them I filmed footage in Italy with an amazing group called BLQrew.  We filmed in a very old Abbey in the hills of Bologna and on some medieval structures and woods nearby.  I brought the footage back to Utah on a portable hard drive and the fabulously talented Cameron Gade edited the Italy footage with footage he shot in Salt Lake City, Utah to create What Child is This.  Cameron Gade also created the full video for We're Walking in the Air.  We have the full footage ready to edit for a video of Ave Maria which will be completed soon.  

In two short weeks we will create the biggest, most epic music video we have yet shot.  I am so excited because this video will include some of my incredible collaborators. . .Nathan Pacheco, Leo Z, Daron Bradford, and a beautiful children's chorus.  For this gorgeous and spiritual track, Adiemus, I also had the incredible Eric Boulanger as my mixer.  I cannot wait to share these completed projects with you.  


You have the opportunity to play a part in the creation of my music.  I will soon be releasing a physical CD.  For your $25 purchase you will receive a signed hard-copy CD and my undying gratitude.  Donations of other values are gladly accepted and appreciated.  Any amount helps.  My Venmo is as follows:  @clara-lee-8.  If you wish to purchase a CD, please put your mailing address in the "what is this for" box. I estimate shipping will take place by mid-May 2023.  

Thank you again for your support.  



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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