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"Soloists were sopranos Carol Ann Allred and Clara Hurtado Lee; mezzo-soprano Valerie H. Nelson; tenor Christopher LeCluyse; and baritones Tyler Oliphant and Gary Sorenson. All six were vocally stunning. Their singing was fluid, lyrical and emotionally charged.  It was a perceptive and gorgeously crafted account that was nothing less than poetic
(Reichel ​Recommends)."​

"Lee brings a beautiful vulnerability and a strong, melodic energy, leaving the audience entranced in the suffering of Mary Magdalene (Front Row Reviewers)." 
"Clara Hurtado [Lee] is a sparkling soprano (Salt Lake Tribune)."

"The production simply would not work without the lovely voice of Clara Hurtado [Lee]. Her beautiful singing. . . is a highlight of the evening (Deseret News)."

"The brilliance and clarity of Hurtado [Lee's] voice provided a great medium for the characterization of a romantic lead (Red Magazine)."

"[Hurtado] Lee was compelling in her portrayal as she becomes the mother of Baby Jesus through her travail and her vision of who he would be (Deseret News)."
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